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Mirror’s Edge to Be Rated an 18 by the BBFC?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 16, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

According to a listing I stumbled upon while on the HMV website, Mirrors Edge is to be given an 18 by the BBFC. And while the rating is to be confirmed (as stated by the TBC on the PS3 boxart of the game), it also puts the game down for October 24th.

I’ll go out on a limb and say while we have only seen one trailer plus half a dozen screens, Mirrors Edge doesn’t look like a type of game to deserve a 18, it should really deserve an 16 at a push.

But then, may we see something in the game that isnt suited for under 18’s? Well, we need to find out more info on the game, most likely more info coming out at E3 in nearly a month and a half, before people can judge if the game deserves a 18. Games: Mirrors Edge (2008) []

Metal Gear Solid 4 Goes Gold

Posted in Uncategorized on May 16, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

In an annoucement last night at a conference held by Konami, it was announced that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has gone gold meaning it will not be delayed any more, the game will be getting pressed onto Blu-Ray discs soon and WILL meet the release date of Thursday June 12th 2008 (28 days from now)

This comes despite the fact that earlier in a week showcasing the promotion of the game, Hideo Kojima showed pics of the party held after Metal Gear Solid 4 to celebrate the fact the game went gold.

Still, it came in a announcement last night after Konami Digital Entertainment President Fumiaki Tanaka said:

“In recent years, casual games have become extremely popular. With the rise of new consumers, the [game industry] is expanding into new directions.”

“While it’s said that the current mainstream is casual games, we took the challenge to make a blockbuster title, Metal Gear Solid 4, headed by [Hideo] Kojima,”

“Metal Gear Solid 4 surpasses the scale of its previous titles in all aspects, including their story, visuals, and music. Using the PlayStation 3’s high capabilities to its capacity, I believe that our developers have realized Metal Gear Solid 4 without any compromise.”

“We believe that the PlayStation 3 still has some undiscovered capabilities, and there’s still many points where we can be more clever to take its full advantage,”

After all was said, Kojima himself came onto the stage and announced the news that the game went gold.

“I’m very happy that we can announce the completion of Metal Gear Solid 4 in front of everyone here today.”

“Metal Gear Solid 4 has been an extremely difficult project. At one point, it was like an eternal spiral where the game felt like it would never get completed no matter how hard we worked on it.”

“We took on all sorts of challenges in the making of Metal Gear Solid 4,”

“We were challenged to make Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Cell-processor-operated, unknown monster of a hardware called the PlayStation 3. We were challenged to make Metal Gear Solid 4 in high definition graphics and 5.1ch surround sound so that it’d play in the leagues of movies.”

“We were challenged to give Metal Gear Solid 4 the most [content] in the series, and so we had the largest number of developers working [on the franchise] ever. We were challenged to release the game simultaneously worldwide for the first time. And, we were challenged to make it the last title in the series, as the game will be the conclusion to the Metal Gear Saga.”

After a discussion on casual gaming, Kojima picked up a pad and played through the first act on Liquid Sun (Hard Mode)

Finally, he stated once again that he’ll be going on a world tour of the game in London, Madrid, Paris, New York, San Francisco and more where, earlier in the week, according to Patric Zimmerman, the voice of Liquid Ocelot, something big could potentually happen during the tour…could this be pointing at trophys for MGS4 (ala Home?)…or could it be…

Mirrors Edge: 10 New Screen-Caps from the Trailer

Posted in Uncategorized on May 16, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

We took 18 new screen caps last night of Mirrors Edge from the trailer and…well…8 were cut because they weren’t taken too well. So I’ll leave you with the rest shall I?

Resident Evil 5: New Scans and Info from Famitsu

Posted in Uncategorized on May 14, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

New details have emerged of Resident Evil 5 in the new issue of Famitsu today. The game, due for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime late this year or early next year, showcases new screens, artwork, info and a introduction to the preview by producer, Jun Takeuchi.

The info, in the magazine but translated over at NEOGAF shows the info as this…

– A new trailer will be shown in the very near future.

– For now, Famitsu will show images and some info from one part of that trailer. (intro paragraph written by Takeuchi)

– There’s a new female character, shown holding a shotgun and wearing a tank top and boots similar to the ones Jill wore in RE3.

– In addition to areas that make use of sunlight as a gameplay dynamic, there will be darker, shadow-filled areas as well, such as a cavern where Chris utilizes a flashlight. There will be an intense contrast between light and dark.

– Chris is shown using his knife, a sniper rifle above a bridge that’s above a river, and of course the handgun.

– A few pieces of artwork are shown, such Chris fighting villagers near a crashed helicopter, that same helicopter flying amidst a smoke-filled sky, and Chris witnessing the helicopter being shot down. There’s also some kind of garden in the cavern with a giant hole above it, allowing the sunlight in.

– Chris is shown holding a blond girl noticeably shorter than him in a building.

– A picture of a chainsaw and the right leg of its weilder is shown.

– Chris will be up against very powerful enemies once again, and this shot of some creature behind iron bars is reminiscent of Chris’s previous enemies, such as CODE: Veronica’s Nosferatu (although it was Claire who faced him) and the REmake’s Lisa Trevor. Those two creatures were imprisoned at some point as well.

The more you hear about this game, it just makes you so many crazy things, it’s probably why its in our top 20 games of 2008 (Should it be released this year by all means…I mean, look what happened to Killzone 2).

The scans are too big to post but I’ve uploaded them to my Photobucket. Just copy and paste them into your browser.

New Resident Evil 5 info from Famitsu[Neogaf]

3 Things We Noticed About the New Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer *massive spoilers ahead*

Posted in Uncategorized on May 13, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

Well, we noticed 3 massive things about the trailer which you can see below.

But there are at least 3 epic spoilers in the trailer which you need to see the trailer for to see it (Or in 1 case, hear it) but if you wanna stay clear of spoilers altogether for the game, dont watch or read these spoilers.

*spoilers below*

1 – We noticed a new enviroment in the game, it comes during most of the bits containing Liquid which is Europe whic hahs been confirmed for a long time but it seems that we now have a city in Europe, which is…Paris.

2 – We see a new character who walks to Snake. It’s female and comes out of what appears to be using some sort of camo but other then that, we dont know nothing about the girl

3 – And probably the biggest spoiler of the lot. Around the 1:15 mark, a recogniseable voice is heard which is John Cygan, the voice actor of Solidus during Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. But this could mean Solidus is actually still alive…or could it be…Big Boss? Solidus did look alot like Big Boss during MGS2 so it could be one of the two.

So, what is up? We’ll find out a month yesterday, MGS4 is only around the corner.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – 3 New Screens One of Which Has Snake Carry a…iPod!!! + 2 New Videos

Posted in Uncategorized on May 13, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

Okay, Konami has just outlined the ad campaign of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots when the game touches down a month yesterday for the Playstation 3. They have outlined that the game will have such a big promotional campiagn including limited edition phones and bikes from Sony Ericsson and Triumpth respectfully.

As well as that, around the battlefield, when Snake gets a little music into his head, he doesnt have to go onto the codec like he did in Snake Eater no…he gets out his, and get ready for this, iPod…yes, thats right. While Snake is hunting Liquid in the game, he’ll be listening to his iPod!

GameVideos has also launched on their site 2 new videos, showing the introduction of the game (Not the Logan introduction, that is around 20 minutes long, this one is only 2 minutes long) and a cinematic trailer which will be shown around Japanese cinemas.

The videos are being uploaded to our YouTube very soon. As for the screens, I’m having troubles with them but it should be sorted soon.

European WiiWare Line-Up Announced

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Nintendo of Europe have announced the full line-up of WiiWare games coming to the Nintendo Wii when the service launches on Tuesday (May 20th). It’s spearheaded by Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King and Dr. Mario & Gem Buster. It comes just 24 hours after the service launched in the US but unlike Europe, Dr. Mario never made the launch for WiiWare in the US yesterday.

The full line up is…

Dr. Mario & Germ Buster (Nintendo)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (Square Enix)
LostWinds (Frontier)
Pirates: The Key of Dreams (Oxygen)
Pop (Nnooo)
Star Soldier R (Hudson)
Toki Tori (Two Tribes)
TV Show King (Gameloft)

European WiiWare launch line-up [Eurogamer]

Must get Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for it (Despite the fact it costs more then Dr. Mario.), it’ll keep me going till Final Fantasy XIII. Anyways, a trailer of Final Fantasy: CC is now going on the YouTube channel, it should be viewable soon.