TGS 08: Tokyo Games Show Recap – Day Two

We haven’t had much news from Tokyo today after it practically rained with info yesterday what with TGS actually starting and the Microsoft keynote. But still, there was a couple of stories which came out of Tokyo today and the best thing is that tomorrow (or rather earlys of tomorrow), it’s the 1st of the two public days inside for TGS.

So could we expect some big stuff there? Considering whats gonna happen on the final day on Sunday (Which you’ll see on the front page very soon), there bloody well is.

Our stuff and videos is after the jump.


TGS 08: First Gameplay Footage of Bayonetta
TGS 08: Schappert – I Don’t Know When [GTA 4 DLC] is Coming
TGS 08: Gears of War 2 Goes Gold
TGS 08: World’s First Public Gameplay Footage of Final Fantasy XIII This Sunday

YouTube Channel:


Again, not much out of Tokyo today but there the rain will come again hopefully tomorrow, so stay tuned.


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