Peter Molyneux to Tease 2 New Projects


If your a fan of Peter Molyneux, you may wanna watch G4 tonight.

X-Play has said that Molyneux will be teasing 2 brand new projects on the show tonight when it airs at 8pm EST (Thats 1am GMT).

The first of which could be an old IP of his which could be anything from his days at Bullfrog from Syndicate to possibly even Black and White.

The 2nd project is said to be “something completely different” in terms of development for not just Molyneux or Lionhead Studios but also for any other studio out there.

Is this the much talked about Project Dimitri? Only time will tell.

It is also expected as to when we can see these projects in motion, most likely at GDC 2009 next year according to Molyneux himself. Coming off the back of Fable II, which is absoutely brillant, we cant wait to see these projects in action and when the first info comes out on X-Play tonight, we’ll let you know on GOONL!NE asap.

Exclusive: Molyneux Teases TWO New Projects on Tonight’s X-Play [G4 X-Play]

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