RUMOR: Battlefield 1943 Not Available to Buy for 360 Right Now

Battlefield 1943Battlefield 1943 has had its problems in the past 24 hours, admittingly, but is it more serious then it looks?

According to Planet Battlefield, the game’s price has been signifigantly increased from 1200 MS points to 90000 MS points. Which practically means, unless your Bill Gates, you cant buy the game if you havent already done so. Which makes us question why up the price instead of taking it down from Live for a while?

And also according to them, the counter for the 43 million kill challenge, in which both PS3 and 360 owners come together and try and rack up 43 million kills to unlock a 4th map in the game, has already begun counting down. The count wasnt due to start till tomorrow night.

More through PB.


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