New Gran Turismo 5 Video Appears [Update]

GT5UPDATE: Classic YouTube line: “Video removed by user.”.

We’ll try and find another video out there.

Original Story: TGS. Eyes. Keep them plastered at Tokyo next week.

The game isn’t out for another two weeks, but already journalists have gotten ahold of Gran Turismo PSP for their reviews. So, credits roll, the end of GT PSP, you know.

But an easter egg at the end! But what is it? A new trailer of Gran Turismo 5.

“The next race is about to begin” is what it says at the start of the trailer, followed up then by a car from NASCAR been driving out of its trailer.

In the video, it shows an Audi R10 in a wind tunnel, as well as more video of NASCAR and WRC events in the game. This is almost certainly coming this year. Its a poor quailty trailer, but its after the jump.


One Response to “New Gran Turismo 5 Video Appears [Update]”

  1. Video has been removed. 😦

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