Naughty Dog: “Who said we’re making Uncharted 3?”

Naughty Dog

Possibly giving a hint as to what the studio are working on next, Naughty Dog’s creative director Amy Hennig has revealed that for all we know, they could be working on Uncharted 3 next. Then again, they might not be:

“Who said we’re making Uncharted 3?,” said Hennig.

Hennig was speaking in an interview with InGameChat with fellow ND Neil Druckmann, where he revealed in the same interview that they are already looking at parts which even out do Uncharted 2.

“We’re Naughty Dog right? When we approach a new project, we can’t just make it slightly better, because people’s memory of the stuff is always better than what it actually was so it has to be so much better, so that it really stands out.

“We had a brain storming the other day and one of the designers pitched something that sounded like it might be able to top the train,” said Druckmann.

“I would think that what he was pitching would top the train quite a bit, but that’s all we can say,” addid Hennig.

For the record, Uncharted 2 is properly awesome. And we mean “properly awesome”. Seriously. Go check out the review to find out why.


25 Responses to “Naughty Dog: “Who said we’re making Uncharted 3?””

  1. I think most people like Uncharted more than Jak, which is a damn shame I think that most people who say Uncharted is better is because they didn’t play jak as a kid, before online that game had the best games could offer. and I think that it is far better than uncharted. But thats just my personal opinion.

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