Hidden 3.10 Feature: Report Playstation 3 Crashes

There’s always a hidden feature in a firmware update. It’s almost as if Sony turn a simple update into a game; how many secret changes can you find?

Well, we have found a brand new, unannounced feature in Firmware 3.10, and we’ve even got a picture of it.

If your Playstation 3 crashes, and you turn it off without pressing the PS button and selecting ‘Turn off system’, next time you boot up you can send an error report to Sony. Hopefully, all this information can help Sony find problems with the PS3 to patch up.

Picture after the jump.


12 Responses to “Hidden 3.10 Feature: Report Playstation 3 Crashes”

  1. very nice find!

  2. This is not new information, the feature have been reported over a day ago.

  3. guamexigese Says:

    got a similar message after a power spike. message said something to the effect that system was turned off wrong. recommended to turn off system with ps button on dual shock or on front of ps3 with touch sensor. stated that turning off system with switch on back of console might cause corrupted data. lol! have suffered corrupted data twice, but not because of this way.

  4. wowitworks Says:

    So has anyone pointed a packet sniffer at the actual communication? Is it secured or could it be used to find where the crashes are occurring , e.g. possible security holes? Can dream, right?

  5. last night.. My PS3 got crashes while playing fifa 2010.. but i didn’t got this mesg !!!??? ps3 just restart automatically and its ok again

  6. Well is nice to know that my sister that sometimes uses my Ps3 did not turn it off incorrectly. Now if my Ps3 turns into a brick I can go change it for the Slim one since I have the second generation of 80 Gig. Good Job Sony, I love you guys but after making the update obligatory and add features that many consider useless like facebook (I myself im neutral It does not matter) you guys decide that the next time you turn On your PS3 it scares the living sh** out of you. Mine screen said the some of the data might not have been saved I forgot I just turned on my Ps3 15 minutes ago.

  7. Congrats you can take a picture, would you like a cookie?

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