New Ubisoft Game Soon To Be Announced

The Official Playstation Magazine’s Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving. Taking a break from revealing male nudity in Heavy Rain, they’ve left this tweet;

“Ooh interesting news from Ubi about a soon-to-be announced game that a) isn’t too far off and b) we definitely want to play.”

Isn’t far off? Definitely want to play? If we’re excluding the recently leaked Far Cry 3, then Driver 5 or a new Prince Of Persia are our best bets.


13 Responses to “New Ubisoft Game Soon To Be Announced”

  1. Tomb Raider from Ubisoft? :-/

  2. except for the fact that tomb raider is by Eidos (now Square-Enix)…

  3. new Ghost Recon game i bet

  4. Please Prince of Persia Pleaaseeeeee

  5. how about a new naruto game

  6. David Macphail Says:

    Splinter Cell: Conviction for the PS3. 😛

  7. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Predator. Or Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Both are already known about.

  8. MacPhail is correct!

  9. I HOPE McPhail is CORRECT!

  10. Vainamoinen Says:

    Beyond Good & Evil 2!

    …OR ELSE!! 😉

  11. A new Driver game would be great! 😀

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