Ubisoft CEO: 50% of games to be 3D by 2012

Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has been peering into his crystal ball and has said that by the year 2012 he expects 50% of video games to be in 3D.

“The 3D games are going to come more and more with the TV screens that are available. We did Avatar last year and the experience was enhanced by the 3D experience. On 360, PS3 but also maybe on portable machines,” he said. “So we can count on substantial growth on the 3D aspect just because it’s more immersive.

“I think next year we should maybe see 15-20 per cent of games that will be 3D on next-generation consoles. And then the following year it will be 50 per cent.”

Bearing in mind that the current generation of consoles aren’t even running most games in 720p never mind 1080p, we’re quietly pessimistic about Yves claims of 3D being so prevalent.

Moreover, with an entry level 3DTV at Amazon is costing the best part of £1000 for a 40″ LCD model (and note, that doesn’t include any active shutter glasses at all) we can’t see 3D taking off rapidly in the short term.

[Thanks GI]


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