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Brand new Halo: Reach details revealed

Posted in Microsoft Games Studios, Xbox 360 with tags , , on March 26, 2010 by James Love

Bungie has told CVG the improvements they’ve been making to the multiplayer component of Halo: Reach aims to make the game “frustration-free.”

Luke Smith of Bungie said “From the outset, we wanted to find a way to reward all types of Halo players.

We’ve done a great job in the past of catering to the end game, hardcore, super-dedicated player – and we have hundreds of thousands of them still playing our games every day – but we need to do a better job rewarding all types of Halo players. Player Investment in Reach is our way of achieving this goal.”

For a full list of what is being changed, head over to CVG to read the rest of the article.

Rumour: Halo: Reach coming September

Posted in Microsoft Games Studios, Xbox 360 with tags , on March 15, 2010 by James Love

CVG are reporting that Halo: Reach is on course for a release this autumn according to retail sources.

Their sources have told them that a date of Tuesday 14th September has been chosen by Microsoft to release their newest Halo game, giving the game “enough time to maximise sales before CoD arrives,” said one senior trade source to CVG.

Halo: Reach – First Gameplay Screen + VGA Trailer

Posted in Microsoft Games Studios, Xbox 360 with tags , , on December 13, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

So Halo: Reach got a showing at this morning’s VGAs in a two and a half minute cut-scene for the game.

It looked awesome, in case you didn’t see it. But now is your chance because we have the trailer!

Bungie’s also released the first gameplay screen for the game. Find it, and the trailer, after the jump.

No date yet for the multiplayer beta that was included in ODST. The game itself drops in Autumn 2010.

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Halo: Reach to Get World Premiere at VGAs 2009

Posted in Xbox 360 with tags , on November 18, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

Let the ‘tons begin.

Keighley’s confirmed that Halo: Reach will get a world premiere at the Spike VGAs next month.

“The world premiere of HALO: REACH happens only at the 2009 Video Game Awards, Live 12/12 on Spike.”

The game was premiered at E3 in June. It releases in Autumn 2010, with a multiplayer beta also to happen.

Halo: Reach Screens Leaked

Posted in Microsoft Games Studios, Xbox 360 with tags , on November 5, 2009 by James Love

Halo Reach

Over at GAF leaked screenshots of Halo: Reach have been posted, and some game play has been detailed too.

Gameplay Details:

New carbine that shoots needles, and explodes when 3 needles are hit.


It is a one shot battle rifle with 12 rounds, pretty powerful and effective long range.


  • New HUD (see photos). In the bottom left, you can see your squad mates health and names.
  • Right above the radar shows what perks you are carrying. When I played there were 3 perks-sprinting, cloaking, and hologram.
  • The sprinting makes you run when you hold LB
  • Cloaking makes you invisible (when you cloak your radar jams and you can’t really hear anything around you).
  • The hologram creates a hologram of you, so enemies will shoot at both.

Check out the screens after the jump! The game is set to launch Autumn 2010.

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So Why Did Naughty Dog Thank Bungie?

Posted in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 with tags , , , , on October 14, 2009 by Chris Hawke

Uncharted 2

You might be surprised to find that, at the end of Uncharted 2, developer Naughty Dog lists developer Bungie in the credits, thanking them. For what, you ask? Neil Druckmann said:

“Re: thanking other developers. We try to be quite open with our technology and our process. We exchanged technology and ideas with other developers. We wanted to make sure we thanked everyone that helped us out in some way.”

It’s nice to see that despite being PS3 and Xbox developers, they can still find time to be friendly. We’re still miffed as to why Naughty Dog left us out the credits, though…

GOONL!NE Review: Halo 3: ODST

Posted in Microsoft Games Studios, Reviews, Xbox 360 with tags , , on October 12, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

Halo 3 ODST

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios
Also on: N/A (Xbox 360 Exclusive)
Console Played on: Xbox 360
Release Date: Tuesday September 22nd 2009
Age Rating: PEGI 16

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