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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – 2nd DLC Pack In Development

Posted in Codemasters, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 with tags , , on November 27, 2009 by Chris Hawke

Despite communication problems meaning that the first piece of DLC for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising isn’t out on PS3 yet, Ian Webster, Codemasters’ Community Manager has confirmed that the 2nd piece of DLC is in development for consoles:

“Just to keep you in the loop with what is happening this end, we wanted to let you all know that we currently have a 2nd DLC pack currently in development for the Xbox 360 & PS3.

Can’t give out too many specific details at the moment, but the pack will include amongst other things additional MP modes, as we realised that this was something the community were very much asking for in any new DLC.

As soon as I can release the full content of the upcoming DLC, I will be sure to let you know.”

Good news, then. You can read the full post here.


Rockstar: No More Grand Theft Auto IV DLC

Posted in Rockstar Games, Xbox 360 with tags , , , , on October 17, 2009 by Chris Hawke

Ballad of Gay Tony

The Ballad Of Gay Tony will be the last piece of GTA IV DLC.

Thats according to Rockstar’s Jeronimo Barrera, speaking in the latest episode of GameTrailers TV.

“This is it, [we’re] calling it quits [and it is] time we move on,” said Barrera.

So that’s the end of Niko and friends in Liberty City.

The last piece of DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony, is released on October 29th, either on Xbox Live or with a retail release with The Lost and Damned in Episodes from Liberty City.

Take your pick.

From XE.

Forza 3 to Recieve Free DLC Pack at Launch

Posted in Microsoft Games Studios, Xbox 360 with tags , , on October 7, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

Forza 3Microsoft’s announced that it’ll be releasing a free DLC pack of ten cars at the launch of Forza Motorsport 3.

Your cars will be:

· ’65 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA

· ’64 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage

· ’81 BMW M1

· ’60 Chevrolet Corvette

· ’69 Dodge Charger

· ’57 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

· ’80 Fiat 131 Abarth

· ’67 Lamborghini Miura P400

· ’71 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R

· ’65 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

Game’s out on October 23rd. Catch our recent impressions of it here.

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Left 4 Dead DLC Crashes Home This Thursday

Posted in Valve, Xbox 360 with tags , , , on September 6, 2009 by Chris Hawke


According to Valve’s Twitter feed, the L4D DLC ‘Crash Course’ is due to be released this Thursday.

The add-on campaign is set after the events of No Mercy, when the helicopter pilot turns out to be infected (How unlucky) and Zoey has to kill him, bringing down the chopper in a zombie-infested driving course.

It only consists of two maps, and therefore is much shorter than the other campaigns, but that’s exactly what Valve are hoping for – with health-packs and guns always in the same place, Crash Course will be a quick, balanced and probably very bloody versus mode.

PC users get it free, while Xbox 360 owners will have to fork out 560 MS points.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum To Get Free DLC

Posted in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 with tags , , on August 21, 2009 by James Love


According to Just Push Start, Batman: Arkham Asylum is set to be graced with free downloadable content on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. What the DLC entails isn’t known yet, it could be as small as a costume or as big as a whole level, the item won’t be known until the game launches.

Arkum Asylum launches August 28th on 360 and PS3.

Cologne 2009: Fable II To Be Re-Released

Posted in GamesCOM - Cologne 2009, Microsoft Games Studios, Trade Shows 2009, Xbox 360 with tags , on August 19, 2009 by James Love

fable II

Fable II is set to be given a second release in the form of episodic download content. From September 29th onwards, 5 episodes will be released, the first of which being free to help whet the appetite. After you finish the first chapter, you’ll then have the option to either buy the next one or buy the rest of the game.

Valkyria Chronicles: Squad Edie Challenge – Debut Trailer

Posted in PlayStation 3 with tags , , , , , on June 22, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

valkyria-chroniclesSEGA’s released the first trailer for the Squad Edie Challenge, the brand new piece of DLC coming to Valkyria Chronicles this week.

Catch it after the jump. It was announced in Famitsu last week for a 300 pricetag for release this Friday on the Japanese PS Store.

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