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E3 2009: CONFIRMED: Final Fantasy VII Out on EU PS Store Tomorrow

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Following up from where SCEE hinted at a EU release of Final Fantasy VII as a PS1 classic earlier today, Square Enix has confirmed that it will be bringing FFVII to Europe on the PS Store.

But how soon?

Not 6 months, not a month, not a week. How long?

A day, it’s out tomorrow in all PAL regions. Get the press release after the jump.

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E3 2009: Final Fantasy VII Coming to EU PS Store Soon

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PlayStation has been getting some lovin from Final Fantasy at E3.

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, plus the bombshell that Final Fantasy XIV would be exclusive to the system. But as well as that, Square Enix also released Final Fantasy VII in the US PS Store as a PS1 classic, so no hope for Europeans? Well, actually, you may wanna start believing again:

VidZone is indeed on the horizon, as is FFVII, they are both coming soon.

Thats according to Mike Kebby on the EU PS Blog. We’ve left mail with Square Enix to hopefully get confirmation.

E3 2009: Final Fantasy VII Rated by the ESRB

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Keep your knickers, this aint what you think it is.

The ESRB has rated Final Fantasy VII for the PS3. But before you go fucking mental, trashing your room in happiness, this aint the remake. This is the PS1 version probably getting ready for a release on the PS Store as a PS1 classic. It’s been on the Japanese PS Store for a while now.

The game’s been rated T for Teen and is being published by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

But is this leading to something bigger? Well, Advent Children Complete is released on Blu-Ray in the US on Tuesday, but last year has proved to expect the unexpected with Square Enix. We’re saying nothing except keep an eye on Tuesday…

Original Final Fantasy VII Now Available on PS Store

Posted in PlayStation 3 with tags , , , , , on April 10, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen


If you have a Japanese or HK PSN account, go on it now if you havent already. Final Fantasy VII is now available on the PS Store in both regions.

The Japanese version comes in at ¥1,500 if your looking to buy it. As for a PSN release in Europe and America? It’ll be sometime yet beforewe even see news of that.

Oh, and before you freakout, its the original PS1 version, not a small remake, okay? Still, go get it.

Kitase Throws Strongest Hint Yet at Final Fantasy VII Remake

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How we missed this, I’ll never know.

Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase has dropped the strongest hint yet so far that a Final Fantasy VII remake is on the cards. Speaking to OPM, during their world exclusive first playtest of FFXIII, Kitase said:

“For the Final Fantasy VII remake, I can say, that’s a gale I’ve lived with for over ten years, and mu emotional ties to it are very strong.
So if it were to happen then obviously there would be a lot of thought and work put on it.”

It’s said on the final, and missing, page of the preview that happened which also seen Edge go to the Square Enix offices and play FFXIII.

Catch that last scan after the jump, click for a HQ scan.

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Is the Tide Finally Changing for PLAYSTATION 3?

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We’ll admit it.

You know it, I know, practically everyone knows it.

The pre-launch hype for the PlayStation 3 was a joke. A ridiculous price at £425/$599, barely any decent games at launch and PR which is probably the worst in history. Needless to say, the PLAYSTATION 3 has not had the best of lifecycles compared to the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii.

But since then, slowly but surely, things are getting better.

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Square Enix Unveil TGS 08 Lineup

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Square Enix have announce their line-up of playable games and non-playable games which will be at the Tokyo Games Show next month.

First off, contrary tow hat we learnt at Square Enix DKΣ3713 event, Final Fantasy XIII will NOT be playable on the showfloor at TGS and neither will be Final Fantasy Versus XIII or Final Fantasy Agito XIII although all 3 will be there via video display (It’s unknown if SE will have a secret theatre or will show the videos publicly)

Also mentioned is The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery for the Xbox 360.

The full list, including the handhelds like Dissida: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the PSP and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for the DS, hit the jump.

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