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Rumour: Leaked E3 list shows Killzone 3, LBP2 & Forza 4

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If this is true, E3 2010 could well be one of the biggest E3’s for a year with a slew of AAA games on the way.

This pre-E3 link was picked up on Twitter and lists various ‘confirmed’ titles for this years E3 including Killzone 3, LBP2, XBL Bond game (our bets, GoldenEye), Gears 3 and inFamous 2.

Another title sure to get the rumour mill going is Mass Effect 3 but not just for its unveiling, but for the fact that it will be done by Sony, adding fuel to the fire yet again that BioWare’s epic sci-fi franchise may finally make it onto Sony’s box.

See the picture of the leak after the jump with even more games to salivate over. Just remember, and we do stress this, it is only a rumour and the validity of the leak cannot be proven.

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Rumour: Gears of War 3 to come 2011

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Whilst it hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet, EDGE are reporting that Gears of War 3 is set to release next year.

A “trusted US publishing source” told EDGE that the first teaser trailer for the game should appear next month on April 8th, a year before the rumoured April 2011 launch date. A full reveal at E3 is expected.

“Microsoft’s keen to avoid a clash with Halo: Reach and wants Natal to own Christmas. That’s why we won’t be seeing Gears Of War 3 until next year, but expect a major marketing push ahead of its release,” said EDGE’s source.

RUMOR: Gears of War 3 in Development

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Gears of War 2hasn’t been out the door long, it’s already sold 3 million copies worldwide and even yet, it seems pre dev for the sequal is underway.

According to EGM’s Quaterman, Gears of War 3 is in development already by Epic Games for the Xbox 360 (and not for the PLAYSTATION 3 like a couple hoped for). Already, it’s been said there will be a couple of tweaks for the gameplay engine and there will be infact a massive 5 player co-op experience, be it a improved verison of either Horde or an entire new campaign altogether remains to be seen.

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