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GOONL!NE Review: Crackdown 2

Posted in Reviews, Xbox 360 with tags , , on October 18, 2010 by David Pitchforth

Developer: Ruffian Games
Publisher: Microsoft
Also on: N/A (Xbox 360 exclusive)
Release Date: Friday July 9th 2010
Age Rating: PEGI: 18, BBFC: 15, ESRB: M
Reviewed By: David Pitchforth

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GOONL!NE: The Game of the Year Awards 2009

Posted in 2k Games, Activision, Atari, Bethesda, Capcom, Codemasters, EA, Eidos, Final Fantasy XIII, Konami, Microsoft Games Studios, Namco Bandai Partners (Atari EU), Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Rockstar Games, SEGA, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Square Enix, Square Enix Europe (Eidos), Take Two, Ubisoft, Valve, Xbox 360 with tags , , , on December 24, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

By Jonathan Cullen.

It’s that time of year, folks.

The time where we sort the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff and find out which is better: Coke or Pepsi? Daddy or Chips? But in our case, Uncharted 2 or Modern Warfare 2.

These are just two of the game that are in the running for Game of the Year 2009, alongside Batman: Arkham Asylum and Street Fighter IV.

We do have other awards too though, you know. So, let’s not waste any other time, and let’s get cracking. All of the awards are below.

Just one thing though: all of the staff involved in the process, both full-time and freelance, had a clean slate. They were free to pick any game that was on the consoles as their nomination. Basically, you picked Left 4 Dead 2 as a nomination in GOTY, it would also go down as your vote for GOTY. Same for all the other categories.

This could mean you may only see one game completely run away with it in one category, while it becoming very close in others.

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Xbox 360 Passes 10 Million Units in EMEA

Posted in Microsoft Games Studios, Project Natal, Xbox 360, Xbox Live with tags , , on November 12, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

xbox-360Microsoft Ireland has revealed to GOONL!NE that over ten million Xbox 360s have been sold in the EMEA regions, including Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The company told us that it was the only console this year to see a YoY growth increase across the three territories.

The news comes as the company also announced tonight that the new dashboard featuring Twitter, and Facebook will be publically released as of next Tuesday. A slight hardware push might have occurred this week also, with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

“Reinventing entertainment through, play, watch, connect and share. This is the vision that we have for Xbox 360 and today that vision is the reality for 10 million Xbox owners. European consumers are very discerning and demand a connected entertainment experience. That’s why we focused on providing content that is right and relevant for them and entertainment beyond just gaming to movies, music and social networking,” said Microsoft’s vice president of interactive entertainment business in Europe.

We have delivered on this promise and next week will bring real innovation into the living room through instant streaming high-definition movies, connecting with friends on Facebook and Twitter and a personalised music channel. Together, this represents a real shift in the way people are entertained every day.”

The press release is after the break.

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The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap – 15/6 – 21/6

Posted in GOONL!NE Stuff, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap, Xbox 360 with tags , , , , , , , , , , on June 21, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

gt5Another jampacked weekend of goodies for you to fill your head with thanks to your weekly dose of The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap. Catch everything thats happened, including one massive megaton threat, after the jump.

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John Schappert Leaves Microsoft for EA

Posted in EA, Xbox 360, Xbox Live with tags , , , , , on June 18, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

john-schappertEA has announced the appointment of John Schappert, Corporate Vice President for Xbox Live for Microsoft, as their brand new COO beginning July 14th.

Schappert who had been in the role since 2007 had two keynotes, one at the Game Developer’s Conference and another at the Tokyo Games Show both last year as well as appearences at two Microsoft press briefings at E3 in 2008 and 2009, coming in at Microsoft the same year Don Mattrick came into Microsoft, also from EA, to replace Peter Moore who in the other way to EA Sports.

Schappert claimed he had “EA in my blood”.

After nearly two decades working in or around this company, I’ve got EA in my blood.

Current EA COO John Pleasants will leave the company.

CEO of EA John Riccatello said he was “thrilled” to welcome back Schappert to EA.

We are thrilled to welcome John Schappert back to EA.

PR is after the jump.

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Halo 3: ODST – New Screenshots

Posted in Microsoft Games Studios, Xbox 360 with tags , , , , , on June 18, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

Halo 3 ODSTMicrosoft’s released some brand new shots of Halo 3: ODST as they confirm that Sgt Johnson is a playable character for the Firefight co-op mode in the game.

Pre-order the game and you get Johnson. Screens and PR is after the jump.

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Microsoft: Xbox Natal is Nonsense

Posted in Project Natal, Xbox 360 with tags , , , , on June 16, 2009 by Jonathan Cullen

NatalA source close to Project Natal has told Eurogamer that any plans for a Xbox Natal are nonsense. The rumor came on Saturday when 1up had rumored that a new Xbox would be released specfically for Natal next year and would be seen as early as GDC next year.

Don’t believe nonsense on the internet is all I’ll say. We’ll do the right thing for Natal.

Meanwhile, Aaron Greenberg, who is product management head for Xbox, basically come and said no new console will be neccasary.

I think part of the excitement about this announcement is that in many ways we are delivering a next generation experience this generation. With that said, I can confirm that Natal will run on Xbox 360 so no new console investment will be necessary.

Consider that one killed.