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Sony: Cross-game chat “not one of the features” of PlayStation Plus

Posted in PlayStation 3 with tags on June 16, 2010 by James Love

It was reported yesterday that cross-game voice chat was to be one of the features of PlayStation Plus as was posted on the official Sony website. We contacted Sony for clarification on the matter, and to find out whether indeed cross-game voice chat would be coming to PSN.

When we contacted Sony for confirmation of this, or whether it was an error and we were told, “We’ve just announced the PlayStation Plus service and cross game chat is not one of the features.  We said during our presentation that the service will evolve over time and therefore we won’t count anything out.”

So whilst cross-game chat may not be with us immediately, it will more than likely appear in the future.


E3 2010: Sony Round-up

Posted in E3 2010, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Trade Shows 2010 with tags , on June 16, 2010 by James Love

As with all our other pressers we’ve got a round-up of Sony’s from last night. Few megaton announcements than we were hoping for but some pretty good announcements none-the-less, plus one people thought they’d never see on PlayStation 3…

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