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BioShock 2 Dated for US and Europe

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Take Two’s announced that BioShock 2, the sequel to the massive GOTY 07 winner, will be released this Fall for platforms tba according to it’s press site.

It specfically said the release was for November 3rd in the US and October 30th for Europe (Halloween weekend), most assumingly on the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. Take Two does however warn that these are tentative dates.

It comes out of T2’s Q2 earnings call, which is ongoing right now, there should be more info soon.

BioShock Film Halted by Universal

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bioshockWuh oh. Universal Studios have halted production on the movie version of BioShock. Produced by Gore Verbinski, Universal have stopped production for budget reasons and have even let several of the production staff go as the film entered pre-production.

However, Universal have not pulled the plug on the project altogether, it is just to see if they can make the movie in a cheaper way. The movie was originally meant to be out by the end of next year to meet up with BioShock 3, according to Take Two.

Universal halts Verbinski’s ‘Bioshock’ [Variety]

Grand Theft Auto IV Sells 13 Million Worldwide, Numbers Even Between PS3 & 360

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Take Two announced last night in it’s financial results that Grand Theft Auto IV has sold over 13 million units world wide but also said that the numbers between units sold on the PS3 and 360 were even, 50/50 if you wanna look at it that way.

Answering a question from analyst of BMO Capital Markets, Edward Williams, Take Two’s Lainie Goldstein said:

It’s approximately 50/50.

And following up on a breakdown between internationally and the US, Goldstein said:

It’s about 50/50 there as well.

However, T2 refused to give out exact sales numbers for exclusive DLC episode for GTA IV on the Xbox 360, The Lost and Damned other then stating that it is the fastest selling DLC sold on Xbox Live as well as the most successful on Live as well as confirming that Episode Two of the GTA IV DLC would be coming before November 09.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode Two Out Before October 2009

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Take Two’s confirmed in it’s financial reports that Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode Two, the second of two DLC episodes coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 verison of GTA IV, will hit before October 2009.

No further details were given.

Meanwhile, T2 also took the chance to once again refuse to give out any numbers for the The Lost and Damned, the first of the two episodes, while stating that it was the fastest selling and best selling piece of DLC ever sold on Xbox Live Marketplace.

It comes as news came today that both episodes could be packed into new retail verisons of the game as GOTY verisons for the Xbox 360 AND PLAYSTATION 3.

Ooh er.

T2: Too Early for GTA V

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grand-theft-auto-ivWe revealed last night that Take Two had re-signed the 3 key figures from Rockstar Games, Dan and Sam Houser and Leslie Benzies, which meant that Rockstar Games would stay with Take Two until January 2012 when said contracts expire.

As well as that, Rockstar will be setting up a new internal studio inside the company. It comes hot off the heals of the success of Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 with the impending release of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned exclusively to the Xbox 360 in Februrary with GTA IV: Episode Two sometime later on in 2009.

But soon after, what is happening after Grand Theft Auto IV, what about Grand Theft Auto V?

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CONFIRMED: Take Two Resign Rockstar Games

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Take Two have confirmed that they will keep Rockstar Games under their branch of studios untill 2012 meaning that key people from Rockstar Games such as Leslie Benzies as well as the Houser brothers, Dan and Sam, will be staying until January 2012.

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